Spooky Tudor

Falstaff-Tudor World Investigation

It was an overcast Friday as I set off towards Stratford-upon-Avon with David and Jessica. The event hosted by KEAP Paranormal was good to go! We arrived, parked (Long story) and checked in to our hotel. we had dinner and some amazing laughs! Since we bumped into each other at Shepton Prison we have forged a fab friendship and have loved exploring the paranormal world together. We arrived at the venue in good time, the temperature was falling but the strange Tudor building promised a good investigation. We firstly watched KEAP's very own Karen Fray with a blindfold on, who was led out along the cobblestones by her amazing gift. Answering questions from Garry Fields a psychic medium, and telling us all what she was sensing! VERY insightful and brilliant to watch. Inside we split into 2 groups on the ground floor, Jessica was introduced to trancing after Garry 'met' a spirit who was clearly drunk...just amazing stuff!! We all went up to the first floor and golly it makes your legs shake up here. Sat on a bench, we experienced being poked and cold spots and I even gained a burn on my arm. The senses here are a little strange, the room feels like its swaying. We heard knocks and the accompanying dizziness, including feelings which made us a little uncomfortable...left us in no doubt we were in a strong presence. Upstairs in the loft we surrounded the table, devices were placed upon it, and we had some amazing stuff, answers to questions, team members names called out and some funny if not clear intent on the part of a spirit interested in one of those sat around the table. The night went on until 4am. This venue isn't a big one, and the dozen people in the group was just about the right amount. The museum itself has some exhibits which include mannequins all history filled and with it's one way system was easy to navigate. Karen Fray, Garry Fields and Dave Streeter made sure we had an amazing night. This is my second outing with them and I have to say, if you are considering trying out a paranormal group, this could be the one for you! The energy even at the end of the night was brilliant and left us with much to discuss over a sleepy paranormal hangover breakfast across the road from the town square. As research trips go I am finding out more and more and have many more questions added to my now extensive list, the paranormal is something which I really want to continue to try to experience, and the evening was just spellbinding! For more information on any events which KEAP paranormal host, check out their event page...

Written By Author Tasha Brown

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