Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Hello my names Dennis (Ghosty Postie) I have been with KEAP Paranormal since January of this year.

KEAP was founded by husband & wife duo of Karen & Eddie Fray over 12 months ago.

We are a team of 8 members which include Russ Bevin, John Tolladay, Andy Moore, Jolene Jackson-Lockwood & Dave Streeter.

It’s been difficult as a team to do any investigations together (last one was 11th March) We had the news that one of our founders Karen Fray had a lump removed which was found to be cancerous so she’s got to have chemotherapy which shocked us all but also the national lockdown due to Coronavirus came at the same time to all our frustration.

After a few weeks in lockdown we eventually went out in small groups doing our own thing to keep ourselves sane the best we could along with social distancing whistle we return to some sort of normality.

Myself, Russ & John have done some investigations together & individually during the month of June. I did Netherton Tunnels with Elizabeth Batten, an old school building in Dudley with Russ, an old isolation ward building in Great Barr on my own and as a trio we did Coseley Tunnels.

In July we managed as to get some of us together to attend Drakelow Tunnels hosted by Just Paranormal which was great for all of us to get back out there with other teams at this ace location.

Near the end of July Karen wanted to get back out there, she’d had enough of isolating whilst having chemo so we arranged to go to the Wychbury Hill with her husband Eddie, myself and Garry Fields. It was great to be out there, a very interesting location with lots of layers which we will have to go to again. Was nice to see Karen back on invest doing what she loves and not letting her illness stop her.

As a team are always on the look out to do something different & fresh.

So with that said we are sponsoring Festival of the Unexplained on the weekend of Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th of August it is the very first virtual Festival of the Unexplained & it is free to access online via Facebook. Stallholders will have allocated time slots to exhibit and they will be holding live interviews throughout both days covering a multitude of subjects with many special guests from the UK, America, Canada, New Zealand.

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