Since my last blog we have not done too much investigation wise apart from Drakelow (twice) with Just Paranormal, which was ace despite some of the area’s being closed off for different reasons. Still very dark in one particular spot where a group member was being pushed all the while and the same member started being choked by a dark entity there. Very scary for him! Also, the amazement of the light switching on briefly turning from red, green then white witnessed by us all & fellow KEAP Members John, Russ & myself. We cannot explain why a light with no power at all connected to it could have lit up in different colours Infront of us so quickly. Maybe the entity was showing its power & telling us not to mess in its space? Who knows...?

Along with our 2 visits to Drakelow we visited a secret location a couple of times as well, this place shall not be named as of yet as it is exclusive to KEAP Paranormal. It has some great historical items & buildings which still has some attachments, some residual & some intelligent. We found a couple of buildings interesting, one with the way they seemed to communicate morse code wise through the K2 Metre, the others by channelling through KEAP Members Dave & Karen with help of Garry Fields.

Our most recent invest was at Guys Cliff House. This was Team Only & in our group we had me, Eddie & Karen from KEAP, Jess & Dave from Shadow Chasers & author Tasha Brown. Teams in attendance were Wednesbury Paranormal, Spectre Ghost Seekers, Willows as well as Energies & Entities.

I continued to use my Elsa Doll experiment with the boblov to see if I could capture anything knocking the doll over but the 2 times it was knocked over the boblov strangely didn’t record it, just froze then recorded again but Elsa was already on floor at this point. In some areas Tash found it hard to be there seeing lots of blood then having visions of someone slitting someone's throat in a ceremony which made Eddie challenge whatever was there to do it to him but nothing happened. Although in that area, Jess felt her back was hurting & at the end of the night decided to check why she was in pain & found 4 scratches on her back! In the stables I captured some unexplained lights on my infrared camera which I could not decipher as dust or a light anomaly despite different filters used afterwards. In the same place we captured some voices on the echo vox which said my name & Eddie’s name but told him to get out, also the motion detector went off a couple of times which was interesting, we also had intelligent response via Eddie parascope 360 after asking for it to be lit up. The upstairs was uncomfortable for females as usual, especially when you sit in the chairs for powerful men, Tash found that out when we were calling for the male spirit to accept women as equal & he was having none of it. We also found out that hugging tree’s is not always the best thing to do, never know when something slimy might touch your arm...Tash.

Finally, on the night Eddie got to test out his new 1930’s style ghost box which he built himself & we did hear some voices on there which means its working & that pleased us all especially Eddie.

Before we embark on the second Festival of the Unexplained on 24th & 25th October (a 36-hour parathon featuring guests from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia & the UK which will be screened live on Facebook & YouTube sponsored by KEAP Paranormal) I will talk about this event in the next blog.

Until next time, stay safe all & see you soon.


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